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DIVEINTAR Marine, Recruitment, Interim and Technical Assistance specialist for worldwide Maritime and Naval industry.

We deliver our customers 3 services :

  • Recruitment and Headhunting: for mid and long term contracts intended to hold strategic positions within your company
  • Technical Assistance: provision of staff for temporary missions lasting up to several years, requiring specific technical skills, in France or abroad,
  • Interim: provision of local skilled staff for shipyards or production sites, from project managers to handlers, through electricians, mechanics or welders.

Beyond recruitment, DIVEINTAR Marine also provides specific trainings.

  • Technical Naval English vocabulary trainings, to improve staffs understanding and thus operating efficiency in an international context, whether it is on shipyards or on offshore platforms.
  • Management trainings for the maritime staff, which are custom-made programs covering various aspects inherent to the exercise of operational command, from authority strengthening to team management, through crisis management.

Our speakers are former seafarers or specialized trainers with significant experience in the shipping or offshore fields.





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